What Is The Difference Between The Original Meater, Meater Plus And Meater Block?

The Original Meater Vs Meater Plus Vs Meater Block

No Wires, No Worries!

Original Meater

The Original MEATER is the cheapest and most basic meat thermometer in the MEATER range. With the Original you get a probe and a charging cradle. If you are grilling, using it in an oven, grill or kamado, it can read up to 33 feet. However, using the steel sides of a kettle grill or smoker, the range is reduced to a maximum of 10 feet. It still has all the same features as more expensive models. The lower price is because it does not have the same technology that gives it a wider range.

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Range Up To 33ft 165ft 165ft WiFi
Built-in Extension - Bluetooth Built-in WiFi
MEATER Link WiFi * * Built-in

* Additional smart phone or tablet required to extend the range over WiFi

Meater Plus

The newer MEATER Plus model includes a probe and charging cradle. But while it looks almost identical to the Original MEATER, it has a built-in Bluetooth extender that extends the range of any type of stove, including smokers, up to 165 feet.

Meater Block

The MEATER Block comes with 4 probes, so you can monitor multiple cuts. However, it gives you an extended range of 165 feet using the built-in WiFi, as well as the built-in MEATER Link, so you can view your progress and use the app from anywhere you have WiFi via a cloud connection. The MEATER Block also has a screen on the charging block, so you don’t need a smartphone to check on your chef. However, you must keep it within 10 feet.

The Verdict On The Meater Wireless Thermometer

If you want a high quality meat thermometer for grilling, smoking, or use in a regular oven, then the MEATER is definitely our top choice! Fights the zero line, is super easy to use, reads very accurately, and is much better quality than many competitors. It is also one of the only solutions for constant meat monitoring in a grill, as there are not many quality wireless options on the market.

The only major consideration when you use MEATER is its range.

In our opinion, the Original is only good for grilling because once you close the lid on the smoker, your range drops to just 10 feet.

The Plus model doesn’t cost as much and gives you an extended range of up to 165 feet for any type of smoker or barbecue.

Then again, if you smoke more than once, there’s no beating the MEATER Block. You can get 4 probes with one charger and it has a screen so you can also operate it without a smartphone. It also has built-in WiFi connectivity, so you can monitor your progress from anywhere you have an Internet connection. And, there is no moving individual probes between different pieces of meat during the cooking process.

MEATER thermometers are more expensive than most other options on the market. But, without a doubt, they are the best. No matter which model you choose, we think the quality, convenience and ease of use you get with the MEATER is 100% worth it.

It’s an absolute must-have accessory for lovers of smoking, grilling, or food that easily values accuracy.

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