Up To 165ft Wireless Range

The World’s Best-selling Meat Thermometer With A Built-in Bluetooth Repeater! Freedom From Your Grill, Smoker Or Kitchen.


– The built-in Bluetooth repeater in the charger extends the wireless range to 165 feet.

– 100% wireless: no wires. Don’t make a fuss. The first truly wireless smart meat thermometer.

– 2 sensors, 1 probe: Dual temperature sensors monitor internal meat temperature and environment.

– GUIDED COOKING SYSTEM: Guides you through each step of the cooking process to ensure perfect and consistent results.

– Advanced estimation algorithm: estimates the time to cook and rest food to help plan your meals and manage your time.

– Connected Suite: Monitor your cook from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Extend your wireless range with MEATER Link WiFi and MEATER Cloud.


Cut The Cord With Meater! All The Electronics Are Inside The Meater Probe, Elminating The Need For Any Wires.

Maximum Range Of Any Stove Is 165 Feet

Need More Scope?

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Range Up To 33ft 165ft 165ft WiFi
Built-in Extension - Bluetooth Built-in WiFi
MEATER Link WiFi * * Built-in

* Additional smart phone or tablet required to extend the range over WiFi

Meat Links

Have An Extra Phone Or Tablet? Extend The Reach Of Your Meater With Your Home WiFi Network.

MEATER Plus Probes and Repeaters

Second Smart Device

Home Wireless Network

Monitoring With Multiple Devices


Monitor Your Cooks And More From Anywhere You Have Internet!

– Connect To Amazon Alexa


– Advanced Technical Support And Customer Service


– Share Your Chefs And Track Them In Real Time On Your Windows Or Mac Web Browser



Guided Chef

Choose Your Protein And Start Cooking Without Guessing.


Receive Alerts

Check Your Cooking Status And Get Notifications Anywhere Your Smart Device Has An Internet Connection.


Estimate Cooking Time

Know When Your Meat Is Ready And Manage Your Time Better.


Monitor Multiple Cooks

Cook Different Meats At Different Temperatures At The Same Time

Dual Sensors

Measures Internal Meat Temperature (within +/- 1°f) And Proximity To Food

Durable Materials

Made Of Stainless Steel And Heat-resistant Ceramic.


Sleek Bamboo Charging Dock.

Bluetooth Repeater

Extends Wireless Range Up To 165 Feet

Battery Power

Use One AAA Battery To Charge The Probe Up To 100 Times.

Magnetic Backing

Adheres To Any Metal Surface.

Customer Q&A

Can This Measure The Temperature Of Meat Submerged In Liquid In The Slow Cooker?

We do not recommend that the MEATER be completely submerged in liquid because it is waterproof, not water resistant. If you will be using it in the slow cooker, please make sure that the ambient end is not submerged and is not touching any walls.

Does It Work For Alexa

Yes! Download the MEATER skill and you can ask Alexa for updates about your chef.

My grill sometimes burns up. Will it damage the equipment if exposed to flames?

The instructions clearly say not to heat it above 527 degrees. Flares usually exceed 527 degrees …… Sometimes mine go as high as 800 degrees, so just keep it away from an open flame. As you often see in their videos, you start by grilling the steak over an open flame (without the METER+) for a minute or two on each side, then keep the grill running with one burner, then turn off the other burners, then Then insert the Meter+ into the steak and let it cook on the other side of the grill away from the open flame …… So simple and works very well.

Is It Safe To Use In A 400f Oven?

Yes! The MEATER helps to cook delicious roasted chicken, turkey, tri-tip, etc. 🙂 The maximum ambient sensor temperature is 527°F.

How long will the battery last while cooking. I have to cook something that takes 16-18 hours. Will the battery last that long?

There is no doubt that each full charge of the MEATER Probe will last over 24 hours. Cheers!

Can This Be Used For Burgers Or Small 4oz Salmon?

No. There is currently no burger setting on MEATER. Attempts to use the MEAT – OTHER setting for patties over 1″ thick resulted in overcooked burgers. Once it indicates to stay away from the heat, the burger continues to cook at a temperature 7 degrees F above the selected target temperature. Why? It’s all about the heat. Burger patties are low in calories, so they will continue to cook inside after moving away from the heat, rather than a large chunk of meat.

Can The Meater+ Probe Be Used In A Microwave Oven?

No, please do not use MEATER+ or any metal in the microwave oven as they can severely damage your microwave oven.